Monday, 6 February 2017

Taking steps..

In the last six months my health has become particularly poor , and as a result of this I am now only really getting one good week out of four and I tend to try and cram in all our visits and activities into that week .. I have now been offered an operation to help alleviate some of my worst symptoms ..and I'm hoping that will help.
 I got very down about being unwell and as a solitary I retreated into my metaphorical cave for a while to rest and regroup my thoughts ..this combined with the current events concerning the state of our planet and our people was pulling me further and further down into a helpless spiral ..This had to change and quickly !! at the turn of the New Year I came to the conclusion that I haven't really been living a truly authentic life , being true to myself .. I have mainly been treading on water and eggshells for a long long time now ,repressing that voice .. over walking that doormat.. putting that wild woman away.. I was too raw , too sore , too muddled and too bloody tired ..
  In January I signed up for LifeBook 2017 .. for both myself and my son to do together .. This will be my third year and i find it so nourishing .. A weekly art course to expand our minds and our techniques and just get really really messy !! Creativity is a very important part of our Home ed life here as is our Holistic health .. with that I also arranged for a personal yoga teacher to come to the house to spend time with myself and my boy to help us establish a regular practise and focus on our bodies and our minds .. she starts soon but in the meantime I have started a 30 day session with a great teacher on You tube .. and I'm finding it very very hard ..As well as supporting my body with exercise and meditation ( in which I always fall asleep !) I'm treating my body with herbs , researching and studying to become more knowledgeable in that area ..
  As far as the Home ed goes we are now completely self directed learners .. Little fella taught himself to read suddenly and amazingly in one week through continued immersion in words from books and minecraft .. floored us all ! and we look forward to a few religious and cultural visits the first being this Friday to the local Buddhist centre.. knowledge and understanding of different faiths brings tolerance and acceptance .. Wild school starts again next month and we can't wait to dust off our walking boots .. 2017 will be Authentic , hard work , immersive and colourful ...

My lego flower made by Roo xx

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Autumn is well and truly here and it's a visual feast , the trees are alive with colour , like flames , and a recent trip up country found me gazing out of the car window , soaking in all the rich hues of the surroundings ..
 The fire has been lit now the temperature has dropped and we feel nurtured in it's warm glow .. books have been piled up and started .. I love the escape to another world .. it brings great comfort ..
The gradual pulling away from the world of media and going within to restore , restart and refresh .. I gain a certain amount of peace in silence ..of simple rhythm .. it's who I am , no apologies , no need ... making plans to paint and to craft .. and to learn .. and to grow ..simple connections , joy in chat around a cuppa .. cards pulled , laughs shared ..

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Moulting season...

We are deep into the Autumn here now and the animals are moulting like crazy .. both rabbits and ducks and chickens are shedding their summer feathers and preparing for the Winter .. I collect as much as I can to leave out for our wild birds to make nests and so far they seem very grateful .. we too are preparing for the Winter by replacing gas fires with open wood fires and digging out all our blankets and jumpers .. I also have a stash of books I need to get through and may review a couple of them in separate posts ..I'm the first to admit I do have a small book problem I can't resist their lovely covers and the promise of delving into an unknown world xx

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Going Wild in the Garden...

We took the decision three years ago to completely rip up our neatly manicured front garden and turn it into a wild and wonderful garden that may not look so pretty but was a haven for wildlife ..
The first year I concentrated on vegetables and although it was semi productive ,after I had fought battles with slugs and snails' it was very labour intensive .. it  was time I just didn't have . So in the last couple of years I have concentrated solely on herbs and plants for teas and medicinal use and this year it's finally established ... it smells divine , it's full of bees, bugs and butterflies and I harvest all manner of plants .. I am not green fingered , this I have discovered but this seems to work and if I sit in it for five minutes a day it elevates my mood significantly ... I currently have Calendula , comfrey , mint , nettle , borage , fennel ,lady's mantle , St John's Wort ( ok that was already here !) oregano , marjoram and lemon balm ... and they are all still alive and growing , I've not killed them yet !! I harvest regularly and dry them in my cheap dehydrator then place hem in empty tea bags purchased from here  ready for a nice cuppa xxx

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

The Natural Progression of things....

I've have written a lot about our Home Ed journey in the past six years but times are changing , with one son off to college in September I am able to gently move on to another phase of life .. In my 42nd year I'm feeling and have been feeling a massive shift towards a more peaceful , creative life .. Less focused around the Home Ed day and more nurturing of myself and my children's spiritual and creative life ,our natural world and the flora, fauna and living beings who share it with us.... Time to take this onto another part of the path ... I'm currently indulging in a dusty pile of books to widen my knowledge on Art , plant based medicine , Celtic Druidism and Pagan roots ... and I'd like to share those day to day (or when I remember to blog!) with you ... xx

Tuesday, 24 November 2015


This week as the weather turns to Winter we are looking at how the change in the season affects us and our beautiful animals .. I have prepared a book list , some of these we've had for a while and some are second hand from Amazon or ebay .. we don't mind that they are a little scuffed and pre loved ...

First up is this one .. "Honk Honk" a story of Migration .. a very simple story in which a little girl goes on an adventure with some geese , really sweet .. Rey enjoyed the story and drew me a picture afterwards ..

Today we are turning our thoughts more to the weather and looking at the Beaufort scale and looking through this book  much more science based and full of information .. we are going to create our own Beaufort scale with pictures ..
As the week goes on we will be looking more at the change in the season for us and reading these books 
Both are really lovely books ... we are hoping to take some time in the woods too and undress and re dress our Seasons shelf for the for the Winter too xx

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Into Autumn...

Here we are at beautiful Autumn already .. and sigh ... lit fires .. a nip in the air ..beautiful sunny days and a sense of slowing down .. Other friends are storing and preserving , some are knitting (I wish I could !!) and some like us are enjoying those lovely fresh sunny days for walks and meeting for chats and a cuppa .. nourishing indeed ...
We are still attending our weekly Forest school which we really enjoy .. This week we have celebrated the birthday of the great Gandhi , talked about him and made a Dahl on the fire .. we foraged for leaves , a little quiz to name the plant by the leaf rather than the fruit or flower , whilst our friends dogs tussled happily over sticks .. afterwards tea and chat and a little felting with friends ..and home to find a delivery of books , the new David Walliams , which we were eager to start .. Blessed October x