Saturday, 27 July 2013

New Blog and a day out with Daddy xx

My small boy went off with Daddy first thing this morning with a rucksack of sandwiches and a case of art materials ready to paint using inspiration from the beach and Saltram house.. They were gone all day , leaving this mamm to cook , clean and rest.. actually I skipped the cook and clean and slept and read  the whole day !!!!! Oh it was desperately needed and I'm trying to not feel guilty about it .. I also had a deep re-think about the way we are going with our plans to become more earth based .. what am I on about ? ... well , hence the new blog and title .. My constant striving to be free from  pressure , free from anxiety (tough one !) and even free from negativity .. .. Even more in tune with the seasons and rhythm of the year. It's a constant source of frustration for me but an ever growing desire ... How to achieve it ? .. slowly seems to be the way its going and I have to let myself flow into that .. And quite honestly , give myself a break ! We are so hard on ourselves , never really enjoying our lives.. hurtling along from this thing to the next .. caught in the whirlwind of being this or doing that , behaving this way or that , feeling inadequate .. or downright depressed .. Only we can change that .. We live in a terrace of houses , Victorian in style in a town that has sadly lost most of it's community . We can't move .. I have to accept that dreams of fields are not going to happen right now , but what I can do is ..make this home as like that field as possible .. The posts on here , will not be too negative , not because we tiptoe through the tulips all day , smelling roses and whittling wood , far from it !! but because I need a constant reminder of the way forward and quite frankly I moan enough ! xx This is where it starts ..x

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