Tuesday, 27 August 2013


A little while ago , actually , some months ago now , whilst out on a forage I picked up some nettle roots and brought them home to my garden to plant in a space to grow rampant for me to be able to use as tea and in cooking .. I have enjoyed fresh nettle tea for a good few weeks now , and despite a couple of , "why would you actively want that in your garden ?" comments , it's gone well .. I was surprised though even further to find that Red Admiral butterflies have been enjoying it too , they have been laying little eggs all over it and it's now teaming with caterpillars .. I hadn't realised it's wildlife potential at all .. I was just thinking of tea and soup .. .. fantastic x

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Bountiful berries ..

Having had the worst weather yesterday, hiding within the warmth and dryness of the house we were blessed with a sunny day .. Off to the woods then quick .. It was squelchy underfoot but nothing a pair of Wellies couldn't fix , the hedgerows were bursting with the last of the summer growth , Alexander seeds to collect, blackberries and loads and loads of rowan berries , as soon as I can dig out my recipes I'm back to collect some .. My Reu loves to go off the beaten track and was happily dragging Daddy on adventures through thick bushes .. I could feel a slight shift in the year towards Autumn , but as a good friend told me , don't wish the year away .. We will hold onto Summer a little longer xx

Friday, 16 August 2013

This week..

From the top , lots of friends to visit
Cuddles with a poorly daddy .
Beautiful mama season swap gifts
Puppy sitting for my mum
Trying brand new fruit and loving it .
Blessings xxx .

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Vegetable Frustration...

That's it I'm throwing in the towel ... those darn caterpillars and slugs have wrecked a large percentage of my garden produce.. So a rethink is necessary .. more bee plants I think , more medicinal herbs .. it's so nice to have the garden full of buzzing and  the gentle alighting of butterfly from flower to flower and my interest in medicinal plants grows stronger every day .. so that is where my path is taking me .. and that's where you will find me these days .. head in a book or sniffing a flower .. x

Sunday, 4 August 2013


 What started off as a very disastrous week managed to turn itself around with a special sister visit on Friday .. My lovely silver laced birds .. new to our flock , became very very sick and a trip to the vets told us they were suffering with a disease called Mycoplasmosis an incredibly infectious bug that would kill them and possibly my existing birds .. after lots of tears and a certain amount of anger I set about dog determined that these girls were NOT going to die .. I gave them the medicine in their water and went out to them hourly to give them fluids and cuddle them and sit with them .. they were so swollen , eyes were closed and their breathing was mainly in rasps and gurgles , sitting in the rain with them was a particularly low point , but I talked to them and assured them I was there and by the third day after dreading opening their coop I saw .. they were getting better .. slowly the swelling went down and now I have two birds very much improved .. not 100 percent better but nearly .. Hope is in amazing thing isn't it .. x

Sat in my garden I can see flowers in bloom, cabbages full of holes and caterpillars and sweetcorn starting to husk up .Whilst the boys indulged in cousin time .. games and hide and seek and a trip to the park , my sister splashed her kisses on the chickens and told them to get well soon , we collected eggs (sadly we can't eat until the meds are finished ) and Eme told me all about her imaginary pink horse ..So love that girl xx