Tuesday, 24 September 2013

No sleep ...

Do you ever have those nights when you'd get more sleep cuddled up with four hedgehogs all sharing a handkerchief for a cover ? Well that was us last night .. In fact most nights to be honest .. With a small boy who has trouble settling and staying asleep we often spend the night shifting like zombies through the house trying to find any surface to sleep on for a few hours .. After a busy day yesterday that involved hospital appointments , car mot's and lots of sensory overload , with which he coped incredibly well this mama noticed that as the day wore on his cheeks were getting redder and redder and boom ! In the middle of the night a temperature and a runny nose .. Reu does not do runny noses and calming him down was difficult .. Daddy was sore from needle invasion and mamma was tired .. Finally as dawn began to arrive , we got some sleep and a settled (ish) boy .. Today we are quiet ..shifting heavily getting jobs done ..very slowly ..with intermittent tea .. But oddly , I like these days ..when you are forced to go slow .. When you take time .. When the day just rolls from one sleepy hour to the next .. And mid washing fold , you stop ..inhale..and look out the window and see the sun shining off the trees and flowers .. And watch a spider sat doing exactly the same in his web ..waiting ..waiting .. Peace x


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