Friday, 20 September 2013

Tidying up..getting organised..

Having a little play about with the blog format here for the change in the season .. fresher , crisper, simpler.. I'm sat surrounded by my diaries , a little craft and fluffy merino in a bid to ignore house duties and focus on preparations for a Mabon weekend.. Hoping and praying that the sun stays here just for a few more days , it's been a yucky week so far .. yucky in weather and yucky in news .. We were dealt the devastating blow of a cancer diagnosis and right now , between a myriad of emotions I'm trying to prepare our family for what is set to be a difficult few months .. Remaining focused on the situation and taking the Home Ed at a slower pace and fitting in what we can , when we can.. enjoying the season .. I'm glad we are all together to heal each other .. I'm glad we have time.. time to take the days and nights at our pace .. I'm thankful for my mum's happiness in having Reu for respite so we can attend lengthy chemo sessions and thankful for the many virtual friends and real life friends that are able to listen whilst I cry , laugh , fume or whatever it takes .... Much tea is being consumed , many stories are being read .. and early nights , when the sun decides it's time to disappear .. and a new day , fresh and ready to enjoy xxx 

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