Thursday, 10 October 2013


Night time with children can sometimes be difficult .. Night time with autistic children can be equally as exhausting .. My Reu has never slept ..from the word go's strange how lack of sleep can affect you .. Hallucinations , short tempers and the potential for mix ups .. Laundry in the oven ..yes it's been done ..we have an evening routine here's always been the same ..bath time .. No ..bubbles ..he has to see the bottom of the bath ..mummy or daddy need to sit with him ..and maintain eye contact looking away ..bath time lasts and lasts ..he loves the water soothes him ..melts away frustration , I often put some Epsom salts in ..that helps ..then teeth .. Strawberry toothpaste only and pj's ..soft , not scratchy .. We then have milk one .. Look at the moon through the curtains and story .. With milk two .. We then have to lay with him till he drops off .. This typically takes an hour .. He will sleep then .. I adore watching him fall into sleep ..deep breathing and eye rolling until he can fight it no more ... I then slip away .. Typically he will be awake again at eleven ..then 3 ish and then up for the day at seven ...this takes it's toll on all of us .. We take it in turns but with Daddy being unwell I'm doing it ..and it's really really difficult .. I can't see straight and I'm dropping off all the time .. .. He on the other hand is as bright as a button .. Wired .. Less sleep = more wired for him ..... Thank goodness for tea xx



  1. I have just rediscovered your lovely blog, our thoughts are with you, sending love to you all x x x