Sunday, 6 October 2013

No words...


No words , no words ... Just numb , just tears , some smiles .. Some laughter that gives to rivers of tears , friends , friends and offers of help , kind words , some words I can hear , some are muffled by confusion and crying.... But stick on the smile .. Carry on , keep going .. A long way to go .. A small boy who spins and spins and soils and spins .. He is hurting too , he doesn't know how to show it ... Dark nights ..autumn sunrises all watched with cups of hot tea .. Blankets and cosy socks .. Brief walks .. And that word .. Cancer .. Almost as common as daily bread these days .. It's with us , an unwelcome guest in our house , in our Daddy .. For now ..until we slay that dragon .. Banish it to a far off kingdom ... For good ..for now..x

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