Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Nights drawing in ....

I'm sat here this afternoon clutching a cuppa and looking out of the window to see the sun seriously considering it time to go to bed ..the temperature drops sharply at about two at the moment , this Is the time I reach for an extra cardi and light the fire .. I have two cats curled into balls beside me and Reu is happily playing with two wooden stags .. They are rutting and have snapped their antlers ..cue daddy with wood glue ..Daddy is on his up time ..he's been pretty poorly this cycle ..going downhill very fast ,but today he's smiling .. Tom is cocooned away upstairs in his room with minecraft .. And breath ... We've had a busy few days .. This rocks Reu a little and we've had a few ..a lot ..of messes and spins .. But we weather them ..as only you can .. We've read Leaf Man and explored our ever changing woods ..we've enjoyed the company of big sisters .. She is a real ray of sunshine in our lives and we are sad when she goes .. And I'm reading , reading more books , planning more crafts .. Enjoying the peace x


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