Friday, 27 December 2013

Life Cycle ..

It's a planning kind of a day here today , planning ahead , making goals and processing thoughts about change .. It seems like I'm rushing and you'd be right in thinking I wanted this year gone .. I do .. I'm anxious for it to disappear .. Don't get me wrong I'm not wishing my life away .. Just this year year is a big year and I have so much I want to achieve both family wise and personally .. But I'm not setting myself impossible goals .. Just small focused tasks .. A trip out to my garden has reminded me that although we are in the dormant period there are still signs of new life , growth , change ..and as I sit looking at these new shoots I'm reminded once more of the cycle of the year .. How important it is and bloody fast it turns around .. It only seems five minutes ago I was harvesting garlic and yet , here we are again .. It goes on ..


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