Tuesday, 3 December 2013



Today I changed our table to reflect the winter months .. One of the few simple traditions we have kept over the last few years , it helps tie us , weld us to the gentle rhythm of the year .. It also helps my Reu ..gives him a feeling of calm , brings some sense and order to a world that he struggles to understand .. This year I have started to introduce a few new traditions .. The months of the year are brought to us with the simple swapping of a picture to show him where we are in the year

The lighting of a candle at dinner time , this calms him in readiness for meals .. And the introduction of a moon jar and a moon tale on the eve of every full moon , a very difficult time for him , but turned into a positive experience and something to look forward to instead of dread.

And a new December tradition .. Rascal reindeer , he hides from us every day and our job is to find him , using the hot cold method .. It brings shrieks of excitement between the boys , where will he be next .. I hope to introduce more , slowly ..as we move from this year to the next.


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