Sunday, 26 October 2014

Mother Nature has the best box of crayons ..

We have a woods , it's our favourite woods to visit ..we've tried others but we keep going back to our familiar and traipsing through we always find something new to look at .. It's mushroom season and we are fascinated by the many many varieties around and really , the art to them ..I've yet to go on a fungi course but it's on my wish list of things to do .. We spend time in the company of Jays and Robins whilst I collect branches and the odd fallen log , whilst the boys run and run .... Seasonal changes .. Subtle shifts .. And always a bag of treasures to bring home for display ..x

Friday, 3 October 2014

October ..

My most favourite month of the year ... It's been a glorious few weeks weather wise here in Cornwall but there seems to be the tiniest nip in the air now but it's only slight .. Nevertheless it's set off the beginnings of the hermit side in me .. Candles have been made , wood is being gathered on our trips out , my book pile has been stacked and we've had our first soup .. The boys have come back with an array of treasures in their pockets .. Leaves , acorns and sticks for star wars light saber battles ( watch out ornaments!) and we've still managed some trips to the beach .. The beach in Autumn is lovely .. Still hot but mainly deserted and the waves are high and warm , the boys are still going in .. Not me though .. I'm a watcher of waves , a sitter in sand ..breathing in the ocean xx


Monday, 1 September 2014

First Festival ..

We have just about caught up on our sleep after spending four days at the wonderful Purbeck Folk Festival .. We had an amazing time and I was really taken aback by the relaxed and laid back feel about the place ..No pushing , shoving or drunkeness .. Comfortably watching bands , very child friendly ..joining in with Ceilidh , eating glorious food from all over the world , sampling ales and generally having a really really good time .. I sat in a field and watched bands whilst the sun shone and the dragonflies hovered .. The boys either listened to music or ran around with new friends ... Fantastic ..we will be going again x


Monday, 18 August 2014

Bell tent beauty ...

This is my 40th birthday present .. I'm allowed her a little earlier as we are going away on Thursday and she is much needed for that trip .. We've put her up once and marvelled at how lovely she is and I'm very much looking forward to many years of trips to come .. Xx

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Summering ..

I always try to remain grateful for the stunning beaches we have on our doorstep and the little texts from friends to invite us along for playing and chats .. There is something so comforting in spending time with loving sisters and the old phrase , " a problem shared is a problem halved " really is true .. I live for these meetings now .. Whilst the children run and run and swim and splash ..we talk , and laugh and talk again .. And I feel blessed , truly blessed x

Friday, 8 August 2014

Red mite !

It's been a challenging week in our house .. I've waged war on our chicken house after discovering the dreaded red mite infestation .. I've scrubbed , powdered , powdered and scrubbed ,swore lots and cried a bit too.. I'm set to do more over the weekend.. We spent a few days before this out at the chalet with the boys being constantly in the sea .. The beautiful Rame Peninsula is ten minutes from home and calms my soul quicker than a cup of tea .. There is no power due to solar storm damage , so we rise with the sun and sleep when the sun goes to bed ..everything is slow and it's perfect .. Perfect ..


Thursday, 31 July 2014


We have had a very slow start to the holidays ..late to bed , late to rise ..tea .. Reading and more Lego .. I have pottered in the garden a lot .. Catching small bits of sun and little glimpses of wildlife here and there to catch on my camera .. We ramp it up a bit this weekend with a visit and small party up country .. Catching up with family and hopefully more sun .. Although the forecast looks a little dubious xx


Sunday, 27 July 2014


We have so much planned .. we have parties to attend , friends to meet and a festival to go to .. We don't have a plan during the holidays but have a couple of projects or ideas on the go just to keep us away from too much electronics .. .. at least an outing every couple of days .. We've drawn up a list of a few things we'd like to achieve.. it's very small and we aren't worried if we can't achieve them ..but here we go ..

1. Learn our bird calls ... (something we've wanted to do for ages)
2.Identifying our moths..
3. Read more scroll less (mummy!)
4.Study the night sky.
5.Camp Out ..
6.Dry and store herbs as teas
7.Swim , swim , swim .. Yoga .. Swim..
8.Sow our winter veg ..
9.Blog weekly about our exploits (hopefully)

That's it ... Have a wonderful Summer .. .. may the sun bless you and warm you xx

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Plastic Free July ...

We signed up to take part in Plastic Free July this year .... We are hoping to reduce our use of plastic in the house .. By taking small steps everyday .. No pressure or a blanket ban on all plastic as I feel we would fail by setting such an enormous task .. We've stopped our carrier bag usage and have replaced all our old toothbrushes with bamboo ones that we've obtained from eBay .. By looking at all our daily activities and talking about how to achieve each change we've discovered that there are ways around things .. We bought an Onya fruit and veg bag to clip onto our cotton shopping bag this replaces all the loose veg plastic bags on a roll and they are light enough for the weighing machine , we've been using shampoo bars and baking our own bread.. We want to do this project as we have all been upset by the amount of plastic being washed up on our beaches and how it's choking and killing the wildlife and we are passionate about making a difference ,even if it's only a tiny one xx


Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Itchy relief ...

As a mummy of a little boy who suffers terrible fear when left alone I don't often manage a lot of self care .. And I've fallen into the habit of trying to rush a shower and hair wash quickly before the screaming starts .. Often he comes with me and if I pour a sink of water he will happily play in that .. Or hang his dolls off the light switch or gives me a running commentary on lego marvel .. Any way i digress .. Because I'm rushing I am not rinsing my hair properly and this has left me with an itchy itchy scalp .. Which is uncomfortable , not the end of the world , but uncomfortable .. I was recently gifted a great book called Naturally Healthy Hair by Mary Beth Janssen so I thought I'd make up a rinse and share it here ...

You will need :

2 cups of purified or distilled water

A handful each of nettle , rosemary and sage ( I plucked mine from the garden but dried would be fine too)

1 drop tea tree oil and 1 drop lavender

Place the herbs in the water in a stainless steel or glass pan.. Bring to a boil then immediately remove from heat ... Let the " tea" sit overnight ..then strain out the herbs .add your essential oil and store in suitable container( the book suggests squeezy colour applicator bottles )

After shampooing and rinsing thoroughly ( yes thoroughly ! ) apply the herbal tea as your final rinse and leave in the hair for as long as you want then wash out .. I'm going to leave the first rinse in for the length of a cup of tea .. This rinse should last you three times depending on hair length xx..


Saturday, 14 June 2014

Bounty ...

We are right at the time in the garden where everything is becoming ready for harvest ..and what we have saved from slugs and cheeky chickens is now making it's way into the kitchen and into various dishes , teas, jars and bottles .. It's blazing hot here today in Cornwall and I have calendula oil being infused on a space on my windowsill and cordial waiting to be drank .. Lazy hazy days catching up on sleep , reading and meeting friends whilst the sunshine warms our bodies .. Unexpected sunburn from places I couldn't reach with my cream ( never learn ) and sand in shoes , clothes , hair and shower .. Messy kitchens left because outdoors pulls us more , job searching for dadda and trips away for my eldest boy to meet with his family ..sun sun sun x



Saturday, 31 May 2014

Felting again .. Again xx

Getting back my felting mojo after a difficult year last year has taken longer than I thought it would but was delighted to make this floral necklace for a wonderful friend to wear on her wedding .. I have waited patiently to be able to show it , but today is the day and I'm well and truly back in the saddle ..inspired by so many beautiful flowers about at the moment , my hands have been felting away ..and I'm set to continue in this theme for a while .. Spotting flowers on walks and hurrying back to order the colours required to make these beauties ..has fired up my creative side again ..and it feels very good ..very good xx


Tuesday, 27 May 2014

All about the bees ...


Our Nim's island project is drawing to a close and we are looking to start a new project on our beautiful bees so I thought I would share some links as we progress .. ..we are starting the week with looking at some bee poems ..there is a lovely one here and here and we will also have a go at this mobile found here . No instructions but looks pretty straight forward ..

We are going to try to draw a hexagon with a compass found here and look at bee types and make a honey cake.. I hope to add more as links as we find them x


Monday, 26 May 2014

Foraging fun and sunny skies..


We have just spent a wonderful 24 hours out at the chalet .. I had organised for Tom and I to go on a guided forage , I have been foraging a while now but Tom had expressed an interest so we both went was also a good excuse to spend some quality time with my now 14 year old boy , he is changing and growing at an alarming speed and I can feel the years moving so fast now was wonderful to spend time with him , he's great company .. The coast path was bursting with flowers and all manner of insects and we walked and we listened intently to everything our guide told us .. And for this mama , I hope the information stays in this forgetful brain xx he has been enthusiastic about the walk and has requested to go on others ..I'm happy to oblige :-) x


Sunday, 18 May 2014

Gorgeously hot..

I sat out in the garden this morning to write our weekly plan , the sun was already incredibly hot and I lifted my face to it ..thankful .. In the last week we've had visitors of the feathered variety in the arrival of the swifts and in human form as lovely relatives stopping by for long chats and plenty of food .. We've had trips out to the woods , which were bursting with flowers and blossom of all kinds and we've sat on blankets in fields with dear friends .. And talked and talked and talked .. Blissful ..I hope this weather lasts .

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Beautiful Borage and other garden tales ..

The garden is very slowly starting to come together still feels very vulnerable though after the awful weather ..the plants are slightly unsure of themselves but after hesitating are forging ahead .. We have herbs establishing ..sorrel , sage , chives , thyme , valerian , chamomile ... Marjoram , mint , fennel , nettle and wormwood ..Comfrey and beautiful borage are also racing ahead .. Veg wise ..we've had one picking of bunches of radishes and Swiss chard , broad beans ,potatoes and lettuce not far behind ..beans and peas are almost ready to replant along with purple carrots and kale ... I love to linger a bit in the mornings now see how it's all going .. Checking for the plants we've lost to greedy slugs and inhale the scent of fennel and sage , grabbing some mint for morning tea .. The boys swing in the hammock in the afternoon whilst I complete very small tasks ..Roo loves to shriek as the hammock swings higher and higher .. T boy pushes him .. And I weed , dig , tidy and sow .. Then the rain ... And retreat xxx

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Mornings ...

I am not a morning person .. Never have been .. Choosing silence when waking until I'm halfway down a cup of tea , sometimes two .. I've tried over the years and failed to get up bright and cheery but alas, it hasn't happened .. Plans for early morning meditation have quickly gone out of the window .. Preferring my duvet to the healing sounds of chant ... Now , when I got the chooks I was aware that early morning was a good time for them and they did quickly let me know when I was late ... Raucous noises getting louder by the minute I knew I had to get my proverbial arse in gear ..... And what I have learnt from this is that mornings are magical .. Slipping into boots and grabbing the feed .. I step out into the air ... Morning air is so beautiful crisp .. I'm greeted every morning by the chirps of the sparrows on the roof opposite and the gentle clucking of my girls as they too wake up ..eye me with suspicion ..who is this wild haired lady .?. Oh , it's mum ... Then it's kettle on and pad round whilst waiting for that familiar whistle to let me know it's tea time ...then rightly justified I can slink back to bed with my cuppa ... And wake gently ... .. Life awakening .. Natural meditation and mindful awareness xx


Friday, 18 April 2014

Fridays I'm in love ...

Things that have made us happy today ... Sunny days , nettle to be picked , dried and made into tea .. Purple carrots sown .. Walks on Cawsand beach and cups of tea in the sun ...

Things we have learnt today ..nettle stings still hurt ..slugs really love marigold plants and aphids like fennel ! If you over stack a cupboard , eventually it will all fall out , probably when you least want it to.. And I can make hot cross buns ... And they looked passable :) xx


Sunday, 6 April 2014

April showers ..

Living in Cornwall we get so used to the constant rain .. And it's rained for a few days after a truly glorious bit that saw me rush out to start my gardening for this year .. Seeds are doing well and plants from last year are starting to unfurl their leaves and buds .. Our garden is so small yet I'm determined to make the best of it this year .. It's badly situated with noise coming from the street both night and day and I feel frustrated that I'm not indulging my reclusive nature by living in a field somewhere cut off from most things .. But I have a house so consider myself lucky .. Every small bit of nature I encounter in this urban garden has me running around like a small child on discovering some new exciting thing .. I hope I will always feel like that .. My dehydrator has been used a couple of times this year for drying the very first batches of herbs for teas .. And various medicinal plants have been arriving with the postman .... But for today , in this rain I have been content with tea and reading material and the occasional day dream about a hopefully bountiful summer ...x