Thursday, 2 January 2014

Teenage boys ..naturally !

I had a little boy who loved his baths .. Bubbles mummy ,bubbles ! Fresh pink skin and gorgeous smelling hair that glowed in golden curls ... Then we hit the teenage years and I'm lucky if I can peel him away from Minecraft long enough to manually prod him ( at a safe distance ) into the bathroom .. Hair , teeth and body go unwashed for days !! Maybe even a week .. I don't sweat it too much , all teenagers go through this , I know I was the same .. He will find his own way ..possibly when he meets his true love .. He will be in the shower more than not .. I leave him to his own devices ..but one thing we have discussed at length is his use of products .. Start as you mean to go on .. No sprays or nasties and luckily he's in agreement ..he showers in Dirty from Lush , uses tea tree on his face and a rock crystal under the arms ... He is a little spotty is par for the course ..all those hormones ..I've ordered him ( and me ) a green clay mask from the wonderful Nurturing Soul , you can find her on facebook and Etsy .. I haven't mentioned it to him yet ..maybe a face mask is one step too far ... Maybe xx I'd love anymore suggestions for products .. X


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