Tuesday, 11 March 2014

The Beautiful Dandelion

A short walk outside has revealed the emergence of gorgeous dandelions .. A plant I have something akin to a love affair with ... Seen as a problem weed as a child , don't touch them or you will wet the bed .. A nuisance and a problem to be got rid of .. I always admired their sunny heads and played clocks for ages when they turned into their puffballs ... But this plant has so much to give ..a golden blossom one minute then a ball of wispy wishes the next .. The slightest breeze and off they go .....

Gorgeous green leaves that look like lions teeth .. Which are completely edible.. And the sunshiney heads , also edible which follow the sun all day and dip their heads in the evening . I will be picking some very soon to make into dandy burgers which the boys love ...xx


Monday, 10 March 2014

Seeds , words and birds ..

This morning as the sun streamed through the front windows , so nice , we had a go at word birds , instructions here.. We thought about all the words associated with birds that we knew ..T boy's words were noticeable in their slightly sinister approach ... Prey , talons , gizzard and vulture .. Ha ha .. Reu's were feathery , fluttery , peck and cheep .. We fanned them and used them as the wings and it's happily perching on our seasons table .. Lovely and colourful .. I took some time out in the garden to start some seeds in the hope that maybe my fingers have turned more green since last spring .. Here's hoping x