Sunday, 6 April 2014

April showers ..

Living in Cornwall we get so used to the constant rain .. And it's rained for a few days after a truly glorious bit that saw me rush out to start my gardening for this year .. Seeds are doing well and plants from last year are starting to unfurl their leaves and buds .. Our garden is so small yet I'm determined to make the best of it this year .. It's badly situated with noise coming from the street both night and day and I feel frustrated that I'm not indulging my reclusive nature by living in a field somewhere cut off from most things .. But I have a house so consider myself lucky .. Every small bit of nature I encounter in this urban garden has me running around like a small child on discovering some new exciting thing .. I hope I will always feel like that .. My dehydrator has been used a couple of times this year for drying the very first batches of herbs for teas .. And various medicinal plants have been arriving with the postman .... But for today , in this rain I have been content with tea and reading material and the occasional day dream about a hopefully bountiful summer ...x


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