Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Mornings ...

I am not a morning person .. Never have been .. Choosing silence when waking until I'm halfway down a cup of tea , sometimes two .. I've tried over the years and failed to get up bright and cheery but alas, it hasn't happened .. Plans for early morning meditation have quickly gone out of the window .. Preferring my duvet to the healing sounds of chant ... Now , when I got the chooks I was aware that early morning was a good time for them and they did quickly let me know when I was late ... Raucous noises getting louder by the minute ..so I knew I had to get my proverbial arse in gear ..... And what I have learnt from this is that mornings are magical .. Slipping into boots and grabbing the feed .. I step out into the air ... Morning air is so beautiful ..so crisp .. I'm greeted every morning by the chirps of the sparrows on the roof opposite and the gentle clucking of my girls as they too wake up ..eye me with suspicion ..who is this wild haired lady .?. Oh , it's mum ... Then it's kettle on and pad round whilst waiting for that familiar whistle to let me know it's tea time ...then rightly justified I can slink back to bed with my cuppa ... And wake gently ... .. Life awakening .. Natural meditation and mindful awareness xx


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