Sunday, 11 May 2014

Beautiful Borage and other garden tales ..

The garden is very slowly starting to come together still feels very vulnerable though after the awful weather ..the plants are slightly unsure of themselves but after hesitating are forging ahead .. We have herbs establishing ..sorrel , sage , chives , thyme , valerian , chamomile ... Marjoram , mint , fennel , nettle and wormwood ..Comfrey and beautiful borage are also racing ahead .. Veg wise ..we've had one picking of bunches of radishes and Swiss chard , broad beans ,potatoes and lettuce not far behind ..beans and peas are almost ready to replant along with purple carrots and kale ... I love to linger a bit in the mornings now see how it's all going .. Checking for the plants we've lost to greedy slugs and inhale the scent of fennel and sage , grabbing some mint for morning tea .. The boys swing in the hammock in the afternoon whilst I complete very small tasks ..Roo loves to shriek as the hammock swings higher and higher .. T boy pushes him .. And I weed , dig , tidy and sow .. Then the rain ... And retreat xxx

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