Sunday, 6 July 2014

Plastic Free July ...

We signed up to take part in Plastic Free July this year .... We are hoping to reduce our use of plastic in the house .. By taking small steps everyday .. No pressure or a blanket ban on all plastic as I feel we would fail by setting such an enormous task .. We've stopped our carrier bag usage and have replaced all our old toothbrushes with bamboo ones that we've obtained from eBay .. By looking at all our daily activities and talking about how to achieve each change we've discovered that there are ways around things .. We bought an Onya fruit and veg bag to clip onto our cotton shopping bag this replaces all the loose veg plastic bags on a roll and they are light enough for the weighing machine , we've been using shampoo bars and baking our own bread.. We want to do this project as we have all been upset by the amount of plastic being washed up on our beaches and how it's choking and killing the wildlife and we are passionate about making a difference ,even if it's only a tiny one xx


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