Sunday, 27 July 2014


We have so much planned .. we have parties to attend , friends to meet and a festival to go to .. We don't have a plan during the holidays but have a couple of projects or ideas on the go just to keep us away from too much electronics .. .. at least an outing every couple of days .. We've drawn up a list of a few things we'd like to achieve.. it's very small and we aren't worried if we can't achieve them ..but here we go ..

1. Learn our bird calls ... (something we've wanted to do for ages)
2.Identifying our moths..
3. Read more scroll less (mummy!)
4.Study the night sky.
5.Camp Out ..
6.Dry and store herbs as teas
7.Swim , swim , swim .. Yoga .. Swim..
8.Sow our winter veg ..
9.Blog weekly about our exploits (hopefully)

That's it ... Have a wonderful Summer .. .. may the sun bless you and warm you xx

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