Monday, 18 August 2014

Bell tent beauty ...

This is my 40th birthday present .. I'm allowed her a little earlier as we are going away on Thursday and she is much needed for that trip .. We've put her up once and marvelled at how lovely she is and I'm very much looking forward to many years of trips to come .. Xx

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Summering ..

I always try to remain grateful for the stunning beaches we have on our doorstep and the little texts from friends to invite us along for playing and chats .. There is something so comforting in spending time with loving sisters and the old phrase , " a problem shared is a problem halved " really is true .. I live for these meetings now .. Whilst the children run and run and swim and splash ..we talk , and laugh and talk again .. And I feel blessed , truly blessed x

Friday, 8 August 2014

Red mite !

It's been a challenging week in our house .. I've waged war on our chicken house after discovering the dreaded red mite infestation .. I've scrubbed , powdered , powdered and scrubbed ,swore lots and cried a bit too.. I'm set to do more over the weekend.. We spent a few days before this out at the chalet with the boys being constantly in the sea .. The beautiful Rame Peninsula is ten minutes from home and calms my soul quicker than a cup of tea .. There is no power due to solar storm damage , so we rise with the sun and sleep when the sun goes to bed ..everything is slow and it's perfect .. Perfect ..