Friday, 3 October 2014

October ..

My most favourite month of the year ... It's been a glorious few weeks weather wise here in Cornwall but there seems to be the tiniest nip in the air now but it's only slight .. Nevertheless it's set off the beginnings of the hermit side in me .. Candles have been made , wood is being gathered on our trips out , my book pile has been stacked and we've had our first soup .. The boys have come back with an array of treasures in their pockets .. Leaves , acorns and sticks for star wars light saber battles ( watch out ornaments!) and we've still managed some trips to the beach .. The beach in Autumn is lovely .. Still hot but mainly deserted and the waves are high and warm , the boys are still going in .. Not me though .. I'm a watcher of waves , a sitter in sand ..breathing in the ocean xx


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