Tuesday, 24 November 2015


This week as the weather turns to Winter we are looking at how the change in the season affects us and our beautiful animals .. I have prepared a book list , some of these we've had for a while and some are second hand from Amazon or ebay .. we don't mind that they are a little scuffed and pre loved ...

First up is this one .. "Honk Honk" a story of Migration .. a very simple story in which a little girl goes on an adventure with some geese , really sweet ..http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/0753402947?keywords=honk%20hon%20a%20story%20of%20migration&qid=1448355186&ref_=sr_1_sc_1&sr=8-1-spell Rey enjoyed the story and drew me a picture afterwards ..

Today we are turning our thoughts more to the weather and looking at the Beaufort scale and looking through this book  http://www.amazon.co.uk/Weather-Eyewitness-Brian-Cosgrove/dp/1405320451/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1448355384&sr=8-1&keywords=eyewitness+weather  much more science based and full of information .. we are going to create our own Beaufort scale with pictures ..
As the week goes on we will be looking more at the change in the season for us and reading these books 
Both are really lovely books ... we are hoping to take some time in the woods too and undress and re dress our Seasons shelf for the for the Winter too xx

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Into Autumn...

Here we are at beautiful Autumn already .. and sigh ... lit fires .. a nip in the air ..beautiful sunny days and a sense of slowing down .. Other friends are storing and preserving , some are knitting (I wish I could !!) and some like us are enjoying those lovely fresh sunny days for walks and meeting for chats and a cuppa .. nourishing indeed ...
We are still attending our weekly Forest school which we really enjoy .. This week we have celebrated the birthday of the great Gandhi , talked about him and made a Dahl on the fire .. we foraged for leaves , a little quiz to name the plant by the leaf rather than the fruit or flower , whilst our friends dogs tussled happily over sticks .. afterwards tea and chat and a little felting with friends ..and home to find a delivery of books , the new David Walliams , which we were eager to start .. Blessed October x

Sunday, 23 August 2015

In two days time ...

In two days time it will be the fifth year of our journey into Home Education .. I took my son out at the end of his fifth year at school , I would have done it earlier if I'd known about the possibility of learning at home and by the time we had de -registered, my son was a shadow of his former self .. he wasn't bullied or treated badly .. he just hated school , he was miserable , he got ill very often , about once every two weeks and really didn't settle in the whole time he attended there..
     I had had irks with the school and the system for a number of years and had been very vocal with them about it .. but in all honesty they were trying to make my son into something he wasn't , a bold and competitive child , confident enough to shout out against the other children ,but he was shrinking and shrinking , and I was losing him .. this was not an exaggeration. The school had given up on him and had said as much...but I didn't want him to change .. I read a lovely quote in the Mother Magazine that said .. "who else but your sensitive child would look up and notice the birds in the trees or the dew on the grass.?.'".. and it struck me .. why should he change ?!! ..Within a year I had got him back .... bright , happy , cheerful , slowly growing in confidence and becoming the sunshine he had always been and now at 15 he's a joy to be around , happy in any situation, able to talk to anyone of any age , he shows great empathy and loves life and learning.. Naturally when the registration forms came 5 years ago for my other son to register at a school , I gave them the respect they deserved ..
    I have researched and read all manner of material regarding education over the last few years and I have a deep understanding now on how children learn and don't learn and I harbour some very strong views on the education system , which I do keep very firmly under my hat , because our journey is our journey .. each and every child is unique and each and every family is different ..and I'm mindful of that.. Oh yes we have days !! days  where it all goes horribly wrong , and days where we sail through with a gentle idea or thought of how and what we want to learn , and days where it's mad busy , filled with friends , oh we love our friends, and fun and chaos and mess mess mess !! .. Our journey continues it's path ebbing and flowing .. and we are  still loving it xxx

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Happy July..

Some lovely things from around our little life ..
 My latest lesson on Life Book "Seeds of Love"
 Our first haul of new potatoes
 Sitting hens make happy eggs
 Logs from the family woods and below some flashy butter oak lettuce

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Theatre and the first camp

Last weekend was very special , we decided to take our tent down to Porthtowan in Cornwall for its first outing this year , as the weather has been so gorgeous and our friends were all going to we eagerly said yes .. Living in Cornwall all my life I'm ashamed to say there are several areas I have never discovered , but it's never too late to start .. This was proper Poldark country and the breathtaking views and rugged coastline with turquoise sea were just just beautiful..

We also popped along to see Rogue Theatre perform in the woods , a wonderful children's tale of Spring hares and eggs and facing your fears on your journey , we loved it , it's left wonderful memories .., a sign of a good break is that we are still chatting about it a week later x


Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Bodies , backs , babies and Blood !


It's been a quiet month , my back continues to make slow progress and I can walk again , albeit only about a mile and I'm slightly ungainly but to be out in the sunshine is just amazing .. It really has been a dark few months .. The boys have been enjoying lots of different projects .. The Human Body being one .. Although R gets quite squeamish at the mention of any body type stuff .. Today we made a model of blood and it's on here if you'd like to have a go.. We use a lot of Lisa's blog as she caters for all ages ..

Tom has added Biology to his Igcses after deciding he'd like to do another one , that's 4 now .. We are staggering them so that he can concentrate on exams he'd really like to do and when he's not studying he's enjoying Minecraft still or listening to audiobooks or music .. Whilst I chatter away to him as if he can hear me , which he can't as he's plugged in .. X

The garden is desperate for attention but with the weather and a slow mummy it's having to wait .. It'll happen , in time ..x oh !! And babies .. Well , we lost our last female Guinea girl at the beginning of the year and initially I wasn't going to replace them but , my heart was missing the wheeking noises so last week we bought two new baby girls .. Birdie and Violet , who have settled in perfectly .. X