Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Bodies , backs , babies and Blood !


It's been a quiet month , my back continues to make slow progress and I can walk again , albeit only about a mile and I'm slightly ungainly but to be out in the sunshine is just amazing .. It really has been a dark few months .. The boys have been enjoying lots of different projects .. The Human Body being one .. Although R gets quite squeamish at the mention of any body type stuff .. Today we made a model of blood and it's on here if you'd like to have a go.. We use a lot of Lisa's blog as she caters for all ages ..

Tom has added Biology to his Igcses after deciding he'd like to do another one , that's 4 now .. We are staggering them so that he can concentrate on exams he'd really like to do and when he's not studying he's enjoying Minecraft still or listening to audiobooks or music .. Whilst I chatter away to him as if he can hear me , which he can't as he's plugged in .. X

The garden is desperate for attention but with the weather and a slow mummy it's having to wait .. It'll happen , in time ..x oh !! And babies .. Well , we lost our last female Guinea girl at the beginning of the year and initially I wasn't going to replace them but , my heart was missing the wheeking noises so last week we bought two new baby girls .. Birdie and Violet , who have settled in perfectly .. X