Sunday, 23 August 2015

In two days time ...

In two days time it will be the fifth year of our journey into Home Education .. I took my son out at the end of his fifth year at school , I would have done it earlier if I'd known about the possibility of learning at home and by the time we had de -registered, my son was a shadow of his former self .. he wasn't bullied or treated badly .. he just hated school , he was miserable , he got ill very often , about once every two weeks and really didn't settle in the whole time he attended there..
     I had had irks with the school and the system for a number of years and had been very vocal with them about it .. but in all honesty they were trying to make my son into something he wasn't , a bold and competitive child , confident enough to shout out against the other children ,but he was shrinking and shrinking , and I was losing him .. this was not an exaggeration. The school had given up on him and had said as much...but I didn't want him to change .. I read a lovely quote in the Mother Magazine that said .. "who else but your sensitive child would look up and notice the birds in the trees or the dew on the grass.?.'".. and it struck me .. why should he change ?!! ..Within a year I had got him back .... bright , happy , cheerful , slowly growing in confidence and becoming the sunshine he had always been and now at 15 he's a joy to be around , happy in any situation, able to talk to anyone of any age , he shows great empathy and loves life and learning.. Naturally when the registration forms came 5 years ago for my other son to register at a school , I gave them the respect they deserved ..
    I have researched and read all manner of material regarding education over the last few years and I have a deep understanding now on how children learn and don't learn and I harbour some very strong views on the education system , which I do keep very firmly under my hat , because our journey is our journey .. each and every child is unique and each and every family is different ..and I'm mindful of that.. Oh yes we have days !! days  where it all goes horribly wrong , and days where we sail through with a gentle idea or thought of how and what we want to learn , and days where it's mad busy , filled with friends , oh we love our friends, and fun and chaos and mess mess mess !! .. Our journey continues it's path ebbing and flowing .. and we are  still loving it xxx