Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Autumn is well and truly here and it's a visual feast , the trees are alive with colour , like flames , and a recent trip up country found me gazing out of the car window , soaking in all the rich hues of the surroundings ..
 The fire has been lit now the temperature has dropped and we feel nurtured in it's warm glow .. books have been piled up and started .. I love the escape to another world .. it brings great comfort ..
The gradual pulling away from the world of media and going within to restore , restart and refresh .. I gain a certain amount of peace in silence ..of simple rhythm .. it's who I am , no apologies , no need ... making plans to paint and to craft .. and to learn .. and to grow ..simple connections , joy in chat around a cuppa .. cards pulled , laughs shared ..

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Moulting season...

We are deep into the Autumn here now and the animals are moulting like crazy .. both rabbits and ducks and chickens are shedding their summer feathers and preparing for the Winter .. I collect as much as I can to leave out for our wild birds to make nests and so far they seem very grateful .. we too are preparing for the Winter by replacing gas fires with open wood fires and digging out all our blankets and jumpers .. I also have a stash of books I need to get through and may review a couple of them in separate posts ..I'm the first to admit I do have a small book problem I can't resist their lovely covers and the promise of delving into an unknown world xx

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Going Wild in the Garden...

We took the decision three years ago to completely rip up our neatly manicured front garden and turn it into a wild and wonderful garden that may not look so pretty but was a haven for wildlife ..
The first year I concentrated on vegetables and although it was semi productive ,after I had fought battles with slugs and snails' it was very labour intensive .. it  was time I just didn't have . So in the last couple of years I have concentrated solely on herbs and plants for teas and medicinal use and this year it's finally established ... it smells divine , it's full of bees, bugs and butterflies and I harvest all manner of plants .. I am not green fingered , this I have discovered but this seems to work and if I sit in it for five minutes a day it elevates my mood significantly ... I currently have Calendula , comfrey , mint , nettle , borage , fennel ,lady's mantle , St John's Wort ( ok that was already here !) oregano , marjoram and lemon balm ... and they are all still alive and growing , I've not killed them yet !! I harvest regularly and dry them in my cheap dehydrator then place hem in empty tea bags purchased from here  ready for a nice cuppa xxx

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

The Natural Progression of things....

I've have written a lot about our Home Ed journey in the past six years but times are changing , with one son off to college in September I am able to gently move on to another phase of life .. In my 42nd year I'm feeling and have been feeling a massive shift towards a more peaceful , creative life .. Less focused around the Home Ed day and more nurturing of myself and my children's spiritual and creative life ,our natural world and the flora, fauna and living beings who share it with us.... Time to take this onto another part of the path ... I'm currently indulging in a dusty pile of books to widen my knowledge on Art , plant based medicine , Celtic Druidism and Pagan roots ... and I'd like to share those day to day (or when I remember to blog!) with you ... xx