Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Going Wild in the Garden...

We took the decision three years ago to completely rip up our neatly manicured front garden and turn it into a wild and wonderful garden that may not look so pretty but was a haven for wildlife ..
The first year I concentrated on vegetables and although it was semi productive ,after I had fought battles with slugs and snails' it was very labour intensive .. it  was time I just didn't have . So in the last couple of years I have concentrated solely on herbs and plants for teas and medicinal use and this year it's finally established ... it smells divine , it's full of bees, bugs and butterflies and I harvest all manner of plants .. I am not green fingered , this I have discovered but this seems to work and if I sit in it for five minutes a day it elevates my mood significantly ... I currently have Calendula , comfrey , mint , nettle , borage , fennel ,lady's mantle , St John's Wort ( ok that was already here !) oregano , marjoram and lemon balm ... and they are all still alive and growing , I've not killed them yet !! I harvest regularly and dry them in my cheap dehydrator then place hem in empty tea bags purchased from here  ready for a nice cuppa xxx

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